My Deadly Friend

"My Deadly Friend"

-The chaotic journey of an alcoholic -


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My Deadly Friend
-The chaotic journey of an alcoholic- (com) (GB/UK) (canada) (España) (Italia) (France) (india) (japan)
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The book "My deadly friend", written by Steffen Krumm and published first in 2018, depicts the
chaotic journey of an alcoholic.
My deadly friend, the alcohol, is a comforter, a savior, an important elixir for body and soul. He
calms down, takes inhibitions and ensures a good mood. I can find the right words with him or
not. He is fun and can erase pain quickly. He is a place of refuge, he gives me asylum without
asking for my origin. A true friend.
But he can also do things differently. He persecutes, he destroys, he is murderous and deadly.
He deceived me, until I could not get anything done without him. My murderous friend is cunning,
deceptive, powerful and even led me to death for a short time!
In this book I tell you true stories out of my 25 years of living as an alcoholic. Sometimes the
experiences I tell you are funny, sometimes strange or even terrifying. In different episodes
I write from the perspective of the unteachable alcoholic, as well as of the abstinent living
alcoholic. My main focus is always the livethreatening, often underestimated danger, that the
abuse of alcohol brings along.